Faster, Farther, More Comfortably

A New Era Of Personal Flight Has Arrived

The Beauty Is In The Details

Every spec on this aircraft will make you feel like you’re flying a jet that costs twice as much. Take a look at what superior engineering and quality craftsmanship can deliver.

Engineering Excellence

Our world-class team has designed and built an aircraft that will lead the way in aviation.

Precision Manufacturing

The best designs made real by a purpose-built manufacturing plant that delivers precise execution at every turn.

First Class Comfort

While the Stratos design is centered on the pilot, equal emphasis is placed on the comfort of the passengers. With a cabin width of 4.8 ft, height of 4.6 ft & Length of 15 ft, there is plenty of room for passengers to work and relax on long flights. The 716 will also offer over 30 inches of legroom for each row of seats in the aft cabin. This will make longer flights enjoyable for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Industry Leaders

We have curated a team of engineers and technicians that are singularly qualified to to bring you the 716. All with decades of experience in type specific aircraft engineering, manufacturing, and design.

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