Our design


Over the years we have learned that you don’t want to be first in anything except performance. Our first course of action is to use the best of proven technology. We are not here to reinvent the wheel. We have the capability to manufacture any part on our aircraft. But to create an aircraft that is first in class while also reducing program cost and risk, the smartest thing to do is rely on the latest proven technology.

Our Engineering & Design Team

Our President, Carsten Sundin led the Engineering Department through the development of the 716X. This gifted team of engineers has been a part of creating the aircraft manufacturing center that is in Central Oregon. Starting at Lancair and Epic, he has helped design numerous types of aircraft, from 2 seat sport planes to 10 seat turboprops. In 2017 they brought the 400 knot, single engine, 714 Proof of Concept Aircraft to Oshkosh. In 2021 the Stratos 716X was on public display for the first time at Oshkosh.

Flight Test Team

Led by Flight Test Program Director J. Fred Hadlich, Chief Test Pilot Sean VanHatten and Chief Aerodynamicist Dr. Gordon Robinson. Stratos Flight Line boasts a combined 50 years of experience. Utilizing their vast knowledge working with high performance experimental aircraft, the team provides an unprecedented level of efficiency and safety to propel the Stratos program through all flight test campaigns

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Rapid Prototype Engineering

The Stratos 716X and 716-CERTIFIED are being developed using modern Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software along with empirical processes. Developing an aircraft capable of flying at business jet speeds but with excellent handling qualities at 80 knots was a tough challenge. But by using this rapid prototyping software we were able to test and evolve models at a far greater rate and achieve successful wind tunnel tests much earlier in the process.

Meet the team