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716X Partner Build Program

We are excited to announce a kit program for select aviators who would like to participate in a limited-release kit offering supported by Stratos.

Extensive Experience

Stratos is fortunate to have almost as much experience in producing kit aircraft as they do delivering certified aircraft. With veterans of Cessna, Kestrel, Diamond Aircraft, Sino Swearingen, Icon, Piper, Bombardier, Glasair, Lancair and Epic, Stratos knows the intricacies of both sides of this particular fence. By utilizing process-forward engineering, the Stratos team is producing a kit aircraft that will be both easy to build and easy to fly. Our factory aided build assist process will also have you covered with thorough start-to-finish support so you will never be overwhelmed.

Our Composite
Stratos 716X Airframe

The Stratos 716X airframe is comprised of state of the art carbon fiber composites.

While development costs for early composite aircraft were high, the industry has refined this technology over the last two decades to such an extent that manufacturers can now incorporate composites in their airframe designs at reasonable cost. Composites offer a variety of advantages over aluminum construction.

Stratos 716X Engine

The Stratos 716X is powered by the efficient Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5. This popular engine comes with a number of benefits.

EEC Control

EEC (Electronic Engine Control) system with hydromechanical back-up: ease of pilot workload.


Single engine turbine reduces operating cost significantly.


More than 3,000 engines produced having accumulated more than 41 million hours of flight time.


Supported by P&WC’s industry-leading global customer support.

716X Landing Gear

Our custom built trailing-link landing gear is favored by pilots for their forgiving characteristics and smooth ground handling. Extensive testing has proven our landing gear to be true beasts of burden.

A Pilot's Aircraft

The Stratos was designed with the owner-operator in mind, focusing on simplicity and docile flight qualities for ease of operation. The Stratos 716X´s engine thrust acts close to the aircraft’s center of gravity, contributing to the design objectives of easy handling and low pilot workload. As a Very Light Jet (VLJ), emphasis has been placed on making the Stratos 716X handling simple and predictable with benign stall characteristics for safe flight by owner-operators, even at low speed. Stratos 716X is designed from the ground up to make exceptional performance enjoyable.

First Class Comfort

While the Stratos design is centered on the pilot, equal emphasis is placed on the comfort of the passengers. With a cabin width of 4.8 ft, height of 4.6 ft & Length of 15 ft, there is plenty of room for passengers to work and relax on long flights. The 716X will also offer over 30 inches of legroom for each row of seats in the aft cabin. This will make longer flights enjoyable for all.

Cabin Configurations

Click to compare different cabin layouts.

Short Run. Long Distance.

Stratos Aircraft will produce a small quantity of 716X kit aircraft. If you would like further information regarding our build program, please fill out the form and our Kit Program Coordinator will contact you with additional information.

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