Stratos Aircraft is now accepting deposits for the Stratos 714. Stratos has developed a deposit and escrow agreement which reserves a customer’s order position and provides contractual guarantees securing each deposit for the purpose intended. The risk free Stratos Deposit Agreement – just like its approach to designing and building aircraft –avoids the missteps of some other aircraft manufacturers. For example, a deposit holding an Stratos 714 order position:

1) Will be returned to the buyer immediately upon request, without preconditions.

2) Will be held in escrow by Wells Fargo Bank (and we provide a copy of our Escrow Agreement as well).

3) Will be invested only in U.S. Government or Government-guaranteed securities, and

4) Earns interest which accrues to the benefit of the buyer.

Becoming part of the future Stratos family of S714 owners is easy, and a buyer can rest assured that any deposit made will be secure and used only for the purpose intended.

To learn more please contact Kevin Jordan, Chief Sales Officer. Cell: 541.647.9611 Fax: 866.681.3780.

Download deposit Agreement